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Galaxy Rose

Galaxy Rose

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Home of the Galaxy Rose

Show your special someone you love them to the ends of the galaxy with this vibrant, Galaxy Rose! It arrives beautifully packaged and ready to go! Each lovely rose is delicately hand-made and designed to last forever.

What are they made of?

The process in which our roses are crafted is very unique! First, we start with a golden stem, then we hand place each iridescent petal which makes the roses look so eye-catching!

Each rose is one of a kind and made to last a lifetime so your loved one will be reminded every single day just how much they mean to you!

Galaxy Rose Features:

šŸ’œ Every rose is one of a kind, just like your loved one

šŸ’œ Comes with gift box

šŸ’œ Each rose is handmade

šŸ’œ Elegantly crafted to look both beautiful and realistic

šŸ’œ Amazing shine

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